Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lonato, I believe in you. Also: MJ RIP

So we just played in this really really cool bar called Locanda di Campagna just outside of Lonato, a little town in Northern Italy.

Because I got overexcited and dropped the camera lens first outside the venue there are no pictures right now... but hopefully we'll be able to upload some tomorrow. On a similar note, not a lot of blogging has happened about Italy, due to a combination of no internet, being really busy and extreme laziness. So I aim to fix that too in the very near future.

For now though, while it's still fresh (and so clean (no? too much? (too many brackets??))) tonight's show was really good. Once again, hospitality was amazing, possibly the best so far. The food we had tonight was definitely the best food I've had so far in Europe, and the bar brews it's own "crude" beer, which is very delicious. Our host Ruben kept offering us lots and lots of food and drink, and as well as that being awesome from a NOM NOM NOM perspective it also made us feel the most welcome we have so far at a venue. I had some reservations about tonight, just because the place is also a food place, and we've had some variable experiences at places where people are just hanging out eating at tables. But tonight people seemed to be properly into it, and there was a nice vibe.

Also we finally got to meet our Italian booker Alessandro, who has done a really amazing job for us. What a nice guy!

Now we're upstairs above the bar, where Ruben and his wife live. It kind of overlooks the bar's courtyard, so it's kind of like we're still down there being sociable and the like. This is pretty much my ideal venue situation - one where I can have a few drinks and talk to a few people and then move just 20 metres and sit alone on the net instead. My life is awesome.

Oh also, MJ died, how weird is that! Also Farrah Fawcett, but you know, not as shocking as MJ. Because I have no photos of tonight right now, here is a photo of MJ instead:


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