Saturday, May 24, 2008

"Change your album cover!"

So the other day we got an email from our label telling us that they didn't like our album cover because it was too similar to another release they put out last year, and because it's too bland. So Johanna had ANOTHER craft day, and what she came up with looks great!

On the same day the pad controller thingy we use live broke. It was just a stupid cheap-o pad so I decided to buy something a little more durable this time. Well in the end I found one of these. It's so tiny, and it's actually a sampler itself. So I spent the day sampling my Moog into it. Productive day indeed!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Christmas FEEDBACK

Haha we just found this on youtube. It's a video of us playing in Wellington around Christmas time last year. They put up all these stage props like stars and tinsel and stuff and it all looked great. They even had projectors showing 3D movies and gave out 3D glasses at the door, was pretty cool! Except there was this one big cardboard star on Johanna's microphone stand and it made the mic feed back HORRIBLY. It was actually one of our first shows as a duo. Enjoy the FEEDBACK!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

CRAFT DAY! Making our album artwork

Over the last couple of weekend we've been making our album art work for our upcoming debut album Owl + Owl. Well actually, Johanna's been making the artwork! And our friend Dan has been helping us out

It's turned out really nicely, we're all set to release the album on the 9th June, hurray!










We're in Real Groove Magazine/Compilation

That's right! We were included in this month's Real Groove magazine and they put one of our songs on the compilation, it was "I Wish I Could Keep You".

Click on the article to read it. Our friend Matthew Crawley was hired to write the article, so he sent us a wee interview. We answered the interview in the third person because it's confusing when there's two of us both say 'I' and 'me'. Anyway, he ended up constructing the article almost entirely out of our quotes, VERY cheeky! We love it!!