Thursday, March 27, 2008

Support slot for Ratatat

Yaay, we've been invited to support Ratatat for their Wellington concert on May 1st at Bodega!

If you haven't heard of them, Ratatat are a great instrumental band that combines hiphop beatmaking with rocknroll guitars. Really cool:

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our EP has sold out

No more left! We printed a special edition handcrafted version but they're all gone too, thanks to all the people in Christchurch and Dunedin who bought them!

We've made these cool little Floppy Discs. They're All hand decorated and lovely. What they have on them is a download link to our EP, so it's like being able to buy a digital copy, but in real life! Confusing, but amazing. We actually left them down in Dunedin but once we get them back we'll put them up on our page :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Live video from Camp A Low Hum

When we were in Dunedin lovely mr Rok Px, a photographer and handicam addict punk gentleman, came to the show and gave us a CD with a video on it of us playing at camp. Thanks so much man! Here's a snippet:

Christchurch and Dunedin were awesome!

We just got home from our small South Island tour and we had great fun! Our second show in Christchurch went really well, the Dux de Lux is excellent

The next day Joe drive us down to Dunedin. Joe is the nicest guy out, and the only gentleman we know to carry his laptop in a hardcore pelican hardcase. Christchurch band Bang! Bang! Eche! also drove down with us. Those guys are awesome, here's a mini video of how awesome they are:

It's a lovely drive down to Dunedin (johanna gets angy.. again!) hehe

When we were down in Dunedin, we stayed with my long time friend Rory. Check out his classic dunedin student flat!

All in all the trip was heaps of fun, thanks to Joe, to Bang! Bang! Eche!, to the Insurgents, to Chris, to Haunted Love, to the O'Lovelys and a special thanks to Rory and to T'Nealle for giving us their beds!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Little Pictures go to Christchurch!

So we flew down to Christchurch yesterday, and it's lovely down here!

We played last night at this place called 'Yellow Cross' which is in this bizzare section of the city called 'Sol Square'. All the bars and shops are owned by the same person, and were all built at the same time, but they've all been artificially ages and have themes like 'the funk club' and 'the mexican bar'. It was like disney world! Here's a video of the weird stage that's three meters tall!

Tonight we're playing again in Christchurch, at the Dux, it's a really lovely old pub with friendly regulars, free drinks and a really nice vibe :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

We're featured this week on cheeseontoast

Cheeseontoast is a New Zealand indie music site, and each week they have three musicians do a 'what are they listening to'. Here's a screenshot of it, and a link to the real thing!

We just got signed to 'Lil Chief Records!! Just then!!

Wow!! We're so excited! 'Lil Chief will be helping us release our album 'Owl + Owl'. They're an awesome label, housing bands like The Brunettes, The Ruby Suns, Lawrence Arabia, The Reduction Agents, Voom and a whole heap more!! We just happened to have the handicam right by us...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hannah's 21st Birthday

So, our good friend Hannah Simon had her 21st birthday last night. Her band 'Holiday With Friends' played and we played too!

Here's Holiday With Friends:

And here we are playing This House Can Fit Us All (from our upcoming album):

And here we are again playing Tips For Domestic Bliss (also from our upcoming album!)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Special Edition pressing of our EP

So today we pressed 15 special picture discs to commemorate a very awesome music festival we played last month, Camp A Low Hum. They're all hand printed, with different designs on them.


It's the last pressing of our EP, 'you + me + my amplifier', so once these 15 are gone there will be no more EP!

alowhum + Craftwerk Tour

We just uploaded these videos from a tour we did last year of New Zealand. It was organised by Blink ala 'alowhum', a featured a touring alternative craftmarket called 'Craftwerk'. This was when we were a three piece and had a drummer, we miss Trousy heaps!

We had traveled all night after playing a show in Dunedin, to get to Christchurch:

Teasing Heather, who runs Craftwerk:

One of the bands on tour with us, Thought Creature, sells out to Grain Waves halfway through

Also, Though Creature loves Hanson:

Johanna is Dutch, but she's not fooling anyone:

Our ex-drummer is a hot and spicy man:

Blink drove and we slept!

We all spent WAY too much time in the van:

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

We just finished recording and mixing our album!!

Yesterday we put the finishing touches to the album, it's very exciting! Here's a picture of the lonely corner in which we recorded the whole thing (it's my bedroom!):

The album's called 'Owl + Owl' and it's 13 tracks long. It has the four tracks from our EP 'You + Me + My Amplifier' slightly reworked, plus a heap of new songs. Here's the track listing we're looking at doing at the moment:

1. Hello!
2. I Wish I Could Keep You
3. Eliot
4. Hopeful and Hopeless
5. Owl + Owl
6. Tips For Domestic Bliss
7. I'm Not Scared
8. Tiny Gaps
9. Kaleidoscope
10. You + Me + My Amplifier
11. I am a Camera
12. This House Can Fit Us All
13. Goodbye!

Now we're starting the process of getting together the artwork and some label support, which is all looking very positive :)

It was a bit of a nightmare getting all the recordings together because we used four different recording programs. We started using Pro Tools but then it died on us so we started using Ableton live but we weren't happy with it so we started using Garage Band but it was so limited and so we started using Logic 8. So in the end we had songs in aaaaaaall those different programs, oh dear! But we figured it out in the end!

We should have everything done in the next month :)