Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our song was on the national weather report...

Haha, how strange! It was on in the background to the late night national news, on TV3. During the weather forecast. Surely they should ask us first? Anyway, awesome!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

We're a finalist in an NZ video competition called Handle the Jandal

Every year the university radio stations (bnets) host a big video competition throughout NZ called Handle the Jandal. And they've narrowed it down to a top 15. And our video for This House Can Fit Us All made by Dan Dan the Sexual man is in the top 15!

So they're going to screen them all on the big screen at St James Theatre in Wellington, NZ on Thursday November 27. Can't wait to see them all projected up on the big screen! Lots of awesome videos:

Marco Vidaurre: The Ruby Suns, 'Tane Mahuta'
Vorn Colgan: Vorn, 'Get Better Work Stories'
Sam Muirhead: Brand New Math, 'Idiot Savant'
Ben Forman/Judah: Finnigan Deep Sea Regret, 'So Far So Good'
Daniel Batkin-Smith: Little Pictures, 'This House Can Fit Us All'
Campbell Farquar: Wilberforces, 'Tidal Waves'
Kent Griggs: Missing Teeth, 'Not For Me'
Jonas Besson & Paul Raine: Moon Balloon, 'Video Games'
Anton Steel: Reb Fountain, 'TAB'
Brian Hainsworth: The Short Shorts, 'You Don't Know'
Brian Hainsworth: Tommy Ill and Buck Beauchamp, 'Letters To The Editor'
Daniel Alexander: Fowler Denmark, 'Street Will You?'
Logan McMillan: Flip Grater, 'Ring Around The Rosie'
Thedownlowconcept: The Hot Grits, 'Headlights'
Curtis Baigent: The Bonnie Scarlets, 'It's Getting Me Down'

Little Pictures - This House Can Fit Us All from eep! productions on Vimeo.

Also, this video and song by Architecture in Helsinki is the best thing I've seen all year by far!!

Architecture in Helsinki - That Beep from helsinkids on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A tribute to one of our songs! :D

Someone linked us to this video, really out of the blue. Some random kids in some country (the states?) have made a little home video of them mucking around and set it to our music. Coooooool!