Sunday, February 15, 2009

Selling out to Sprite?

A month or so ago we got this weird email from Sprite. You know, the soft drink? They wanted to include a song of ours in a ringtone website they were making. They were offering us no money. Here's what's wrong with this offer:

-They claimed it was a 'not for profit' thing, and that's why they weren't offering us any money. WTF? It had Sprite's brand name all over it. Do they think we're retarded?

-Which band in their right mind will associate themselves with the Coca Cola Company for no money? It doesn't make any sense

-Along with the email they sent us, they accidentally sent us some past correspondence they'd been having with other Sprite manager people. It read something like

Goon 1: "Haven't had much luck in the states or UK"
Goon 2: "Don't worry, you can expect Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines to be paths of less resistance"

Dear Sprite, next time you ask us to associate ourselves with some random giant company, please offer us lots of money.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Offical Little Pictures Erotic Fan Fiction Contest

That's right, it's finally happening. Still think we're cute now, huh, huh??

Well yeah maybe, but all the same it is my deep, deep pleasure to officially announce the inaugral Little Pictures Erotic Fan Fiction Contest.

Credit for this idea goes in part to Cheeseontoaster and sex entrepreneur Andrew Tidball, who's unceasing advocacy for a Little Pictures 0900 LIL SEX hotline has been inspirational, and also to notorious Christchuch yrgoldenage blogger Jonathan Phillips.

Entries can be as short or as long as you like, and are due by Friday the 20th of Febrary.
All entries will be displayed on the Little Pictures blog, and the winner will recieve a MYSTERY PRIZE, and also a "sex cake" (open to interpretation).
Crude MS paint sex drawings with a Little Pictures theme will also be accepted.

Example, courtesy of Big J Philips:

a lil pics romance novel

mark removed johanna's (pronounced yo-hanna) brasierre, the bed felt moist as they rolled around together locked in an embrace that felt like it would never end. "i wish I could keep you" Johanna (pronounced Yo-hanna) softly moaned into Mark's ear, "under my bed". Mark came.

Thanks Jonathan.

Send your entries to

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Camp photos

Oooh I found two more photos! The top one is my favourite

The person who took these (thanks Rose!) also implied that our costumes encourage bestiality... For the record, they don't! Mark is a teddy bear, and they're clearly asexual, and I'm pretty sure that Bavarian-styled story-book dolls can't do that stuff, so there.

Saxophone bear + alpine doll

So this is the one and only photo I've been able to find of us playing at camp so far...But it is a polaroid so maybe it counts for two in coolness. What you can see here is Mark + bear suit + saxophone, and that little bit of brown and red coming out from behind the tree on the left is my dress... There's no photo of that, but this is the dress I wore, so I pretty much looked like this:

There's a lot of awesome hidden behind that tree.

Anyway if anyone has any other photos don't hold back!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Camp A Low Hum 09 was AWESOME

We had so much fun playing at Camp A Low Hum this year. We played in the forest, and I played a saxophone solo and I was pretty much this guy:

We tried out a few new versions of old songs, plus some new tunes. We did a couple of mashups which was new for us and was fun. People got dancing in the forest. Thanks so much to all our friends and everyone who came and saw us, we really really enjoyed ourselves :D We even played that Weezer cover, which came out ok in the end.

But man Camp was great. Particularly loved Bonaparte and The Show is the Rainbow. Awesome international stuff. Go see them sometime!

There's heaps of video and photo stuff of us playing so I'll get it up soon :)

Little Pictures - Buddy Holly (Weezer cover)