Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our first show in Amsterdam/Netherlands

So we've been hanging out here in Amsterdam for 3 weeks now. Looking for job, a place to live, and finishing recording our new EP.

Last night we played our first show in Amsterdam, and it was sweeet! We played at the closing party of a big open air film festival called Pluk De Nacht. It was an extremely well run show, the people who put this on are pretty amazing. The room was packed with about 500 people! Everyone we met was really friendly, and we even managed to bump into a guy that used to work at Mighty Mighty, a bar in Wellington that we played at a bunch of time. Small world. Great night!

Here are some pictures:

Saturday, August 8, 2009


We played Midi Festival in the south of France and it was amazing! Blogotheque were there and asked us to do a little take away show. Here's some of the footage! See if you can spot Piklet, Joe, guys from Dent May, guys from Jeffery Lewis and guys from Jeremy Jay. Epic jams

Baby moved to Amsterdam

Yeeeah, we're living here. Sort of. We're in a temporary rental and looking for a permanent place and jobs. But we're here! And we're working on new recordings which are coming up pretty Millhouse.

Will post up tour photos and stories. Needless to say it was awesome, and we'll be touring Germany again in a couple of months.