Thursday, January 22, 2009

Strange new NZ copyright laws mean the end of music blogs

NZ has just passed a strange new copyright law. I know that sounds boring, but it's really extreme. It means that if you are suspected of downloading something illegal (i.e. anything form a music blog, unlicensed youtube video etc) then you can have your net disconnected. No trial, no need of proof, just suspicion.

You can report someone to their internet service provider, and the ISP is required under law to disconnect that person's net. On the spot.

The worst thing is that they are doing it to 'protect artists' rights'. Well we're artists, and this is a huge punch in the guts. Fuck you APRA and RIANZ (two big musician representative groups) for supporting this. You don't care about us at all. I'm really disappointed.

You can sign this petition:

Please do, and spread the word about this strange, over the top new law.


Matthew Holloway said...

Thanks for your support you two!

mark said...

Hey Matthew, your internet omnipotence is impressive! If there's anything else we can do to help out just let us know.