Friday, July 3, 2009

Berlin show, at the Bread & Butter Vice Party

We'll have blogs and pictures up about our Italian tour (which was amazing!!) as soon as we fix the camera (dropped and broken)! Until then:

We played in Berlin last night. There's a big fashion festival on in Berlin at the moment called Bread and Butter. We were playing at Vice magazine's party for the festival. It was a really crazy event at this big new half constructed hotel. It was an open bar and it was invitation only.

Everything was running really late and we didn't get to sound check, so our set was pretty bad, the worst all tour actually. Heaps of feeding back mics and stuff. The sound guy got mad at us afterwards for some reason too. I didn't quite understand why. Everyone was really loud and drunk. A guy tried to steal my saxophone after we played. People were trying desperately to get into the place, so the organisers had to barricade the door with upturned tables to keep people out.

It was WAY too much for us.

But luckily we met some really nice people, and some very kind people who said they liked our music. Two of these people were from a band we didn't know much about called Eight Legs who it turns out are really good. They'd played a show earlier in the day as part of the Bread and Butter festival and they said it was weird too. I'm glad we weren't the only ones who found it all a bit much. They offered to book some shows for us in England which was very nice of them.

We also met a couple of the other bands that played and they were really nice guys. One of the bands knew New Zealand band The Datsuns, which was weird. They actually sounded quite a bit like The Datsuns too.

Berlin seems like an awesome city! We met up with our lecturer and friend Geoff Stahl who's living there at the moment. It was great walking through the city, it's such a sprawling, massive city!

Anyway, it was a strange night but in the end it was all ok. The guy putting it on was fantastic, and everyone who was helping putting the thing on was friendly and nice. Every show on the tour has been really different, and this one was no exception.


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